Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to our BLOG!

Services Offered:

 *Weekly Property Monitoring Check-Up's
 *Home cleaning/preparation before or after renter's move in/out
 *Home inventory check between tenants *Welcome home cleanings
* Check mail

Home Monitoring:
*Check locks on all windows/doors
*Inspect walls, ceilings & floors
 *Add salt to water softener
*Run water in sinks/flush toilets (If valves are left on)
*Check for leaks
*Check refrigerator/freezer (maintaining proper temp)
 *Water indoor plants
 *Turn off water valves to toilets, washing machine, dishwasher

 *Inspect pool/yard (being maintained)
*Test/check lights (Replace Bulbs)
*Check for water intrusion
*Check sprinklers/drip's are in working order
*Take out/bring in trash/recycle bins
*Needs exclusive to your home

We offer weekly/bi-weekly home monitoring and competitive rates for the above services. Additional fees may apply, depending on the needs, which the homeowner will be aware of before signing an agreement with Above & Beyond Home Services LLC.

Home Cleaning: We offer free estimates and the price will be agreed upon during the initial meeting with the homeowners/renters to determine what the job will entail. Please email us via our profile for an estimate.

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